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How To Train Your Metacrisis Time Lord

He's like fire and ice and rage. And... he's housebroken.

Circle-dot-dot, swirlything-circle, dot-dot-line
~ This journal is partially friends-only. I definitely don't mind random friending, but please post a hello if you really want to talk and me to friend back! I do like to get to know people who friend me!

~ I don't mind random drive-by commentage, either. So don't feel shy, I want to know who you are! ;) And either way, I LOVE YOU ALL!!1ONE

~ Yes, this journal owner is well over 21. Language or entries will not always be G-RATED, though I think I do only go up to PG-13, at the most. R-RATED for language if I'm really, really having a bad day.

~ I use this journal as a huge excuse to ramble about all things fandom, so there is much hyper dorkiness and high-pitched squeaking that will often manifest itself IN ALL CAPS. And I make no apologies at all.

~ I also like animation, gaming, and geeking out at electronics shops, reading and drawing, and in my spare time I like to pretend I can talk to dragons, aliens, travel through space and time, and occasionally conjure up plasma bolts from my hands.
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